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There are many trusted, informative and knowledgeable websites, but these can be overwhelming with too much information to sift through.
If you are unsure about anything to do with Covid-19:

“Should I get a vaccination, how will it affect me”?
“Should I encourage my whanau or friends to have a vaccination”?
“If I feel unwell, should I get a covid -19 test even if I have been vaccinated”?
“Where should I go to get tested”?
“I have heard there is a third vaccine available, how can I get it”?

It is important that we are all vaccinated, here and across New Zealand. Please discuss with your doctor or nurse if you, or your whānau have any questions or concerns.

Covid-19 updates and information changes frequently. To ensure you are up to date with the most accurate information or if you are looking for further answers, you can also visit: for the latest information on

  • Alert level updates
  • Vaccine questions answered
  • Where, how and why to get a covid-19 test
  • Locations of interest
  • Travel updates
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Business and money
  • Iwi and community

Get your FREE vaccine (go to the site by clicking directly onto the link) OR
Online Book my vaccine (click on the link) OR
Call 0800 28 29 26

How to get a Vaccination

To book a vaccination directly with the Covid Immunisation Hub (next door to Noel Leeming) phone 0800 115 117 or email

From 6 October until further notice they are offering an early morning clinic time on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 07:30 – 08:30 – Get your vaccine and enjoy a FREE coffee.

They also have a drop in service – NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY (Also available in Taupo)

Rotorua Tuesday – Saturday 8:30am – 4:30pm
Taupo Tuesday – Saturday 8:30am – 4:30pm

The team at the Hub can also home visit for immobile patients (and whānau) who are house bound – please contact us here at the practice and we will arrange for one of the Hub team to visit you in your home.


You can get a vaccine at Unichem the Mall Pharmacy – go to the book my vaccine website at
Or walk in hours: Monday – Saturday 9.30 - 3.30, Sunday 10.30 – 3.30.


Te Arawa have a Hangi drive thru vaccination clinic. Open every Sunday and Monday until Dec from 10am – 6pm. They are located in the old Foodstuffs warehouse 33 Clayton Road.

Support Numbers

Health line
0800 358 5453

Health line
0800 282 926 – dedicated line for supporting disabled people to get vaccinated – please call for specific support that is being provided.

Welfare Support 0800 779 997

Immunology 0800 466 863 – dedicated number for all information relating to the Pfizer vaccine (including the third vaccine)

If you are experiencing any difficulties accessing a vaccination, please let us or Health line know.

Covid- 19 Testing

Regardless of your vaccination status, if you are unwell with any respiratory symptoms, (cold or flu), it is essential that you have a covid-19 test and stay at home until you receive a negative result. We can offer you a telephone consultation (at any time).

Where to get tested - The Kahukura Clubrooms Covid-19 testing station is open – call us if you are unsure of the opening hours.
Testing Station Venue: Pukuatua Street, Rotorua

Personalised Covid Information
How to access your covid vaccination status – go to the website for information on My Health account questions and answers and how to access and load your vaccine status on your mobile phone.

Traffic Light System

Once all DHBs, (ours is Lakes District Health Board), reach 90%, the Traffic Light System will replace the covid-19 levels.

We will advise any changes to our practice as we near this target. As it continues to be important to ensure your health, our staff’s health and those around us is maintained, we will enforce any new rules and regulations that are imposed at that time.

This will not be at the expense of your continued health and wellbeing.

Please continue to refer to our website for updates, call our practice or watch for updates via social media.


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